If we can’t fix it, there’s NO FEE* 

Common computer problems

Computer’s over time slow down, crash, stops connecting to the internet and so many other strange occurrences that seem to come from nowhere.  More often than not, your computer has contracted a virus/malwares/trojans .  Other times, it can be wear and tear where your computer part(s) have become faulty for one reason or another.

What we do & How we can help you

  • We will know what is the cause within the first 15 minutes
  • We’ll remove the Viruses – Trojans – Malwares
  • Stress test various components of your computer to make sure your computer hardware is stable
  • We educate customers to prevent  future similar problems
  • If hardware is the problem and required to fix the problem, we can get the replacement part for you and install it, all within initial one hour charge.
    * Replacement part charged separately
  • We always give our customers the full one hour value, regardless if we finish sooner

Optional Extra Value Services

While we’re on your premise, we offer the below service as an optional add on;  (* Normally charged at $99 p/hour)

A 50% discount off our one hour basic training service.  (Offer available right after the first hour of fixing your computer)

  • Skype
  • MS Word
  • Internet Usage  (do’s and don’ts)
  • Email
  • Internet Security
  • Wireless connections for all your wireless capable devices
  • iOS training – iTunes, Devices (For iPhone and iPad)
  • Keeping your computer tuned and running well

Terms and Conditions

xAt PC Value Services, we don’t physically fix faulty hardware nor can we fix third party software that may or may not be the cause of the issue. Our hourly fees cover troubleshooting and fixing within the time frame. If after troubleshooting, If the problem is specifically a hardware or software fault, we may recommend purchasing of replacement hardware, or removing the software that is causing the issue. Our fee’s are still applicable if the customer does not wish to pursue in attaining the new hardware, by purchasing through us or any other vendor.  When it comes to internet connection loses, speed.. This may be your internet provider.  Please make sure before booking us to talk to your Internet provider (IE: Telstra Bigpond) to find out if there’s an outage in your area (where there is internet connection problems).  If we can’t fix a problem where it is not a hardware, ISP outage or software fault, there is absolutely no charge to you. That’s guaranteed!