Get more out of your computing experience! 


Our other services.

When your computer is just fine and running like clock work, or maybe you would like to upgrade your computer… We can help.  Whether its building you a custom new computer to suite your needs, or upgrade your existing one to make it go faster… Please call us before you pay full retail ever again.

Most of our other services are charged at the same flat rate of $99 per hour, however other services may take several hours… we will then charge these services at a much lower cost because of the amount of hours involved.  Please contact us and let us know which of our services you’d like and we will give you a quote that you can be happy with.

Want a little peace of mind?  We now offer Camera surveillance installations and it’s not going to be as expensive as you might think.  Give us a call for a free no obligation quote.

Here are some of our other great value services

  • Home surveillance  / Monitoring Solutions – Record and access your surveillance from your smart devices where ever you are
  • Computer Upgrades  (From starter computers for students to powerful systems to cater to high end computer gaming)
  • Training (From internet training, Smart device training and basic computer training)
  • ebay  Sell products on eBay?
    We can help with custom designed templates;
    We’ll create a short video product promo which you can display on ebay for a maximum, professional impact
    Take high definition photos of your product and edit them to suit your goal. (Captions, Borders, Watermarking, etc)
  • Window’s Re-installations (includes transferring your old files, updating all drivers and windows updates)
  • Upgrades (Upgrade hardware such as modems, printers, scanners, video cards, memory, monitors, wireless routers, etc)
  • Backups (Backup solutions to deal with power outages, scheduled backups to dedicated hard driver)
  • Photo retouches and restoration (From removing scratches, red eyes or just enhance the fidelity of the image)

* All hardware that you purchase through us is provided with a one year warranty, directly through us.   We provide all our invoices through email, for easy retrieval for tax purposes and warranty services