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  • PC Value Services - Repairs & Websites

A little about us… 

We are a dedicated, family orientated and a fun team of I.T. professionals that cater to home and small business’s. We have over 15 years of industry experience, our technical expertise and website design service have been servicing Victoria since 2000, just when the internet became a house hold item.  We provide all types of PC related services, small and major repairs, removal of viruses & Trojans,  re-installation of windows, a brand new PC, We do it all! Need a website for your business?  Whether you’d like to dip your toe into the world wide web with a 5 page starter website or go for a full fledged eCommerce site, we can help you achieve your goals!

Still reading? 🙂 Here are some more details… 

  • On-Site – We come to you, if we need to pick up your computer, we bring it back to you.
  • If there’s no fix, there’s no charge *(subject to terms and conditions)
  • Quick turn-around time on Websites (A basic 5 page website will take approximately one week to complete )
  • Optional Added value to every service
  • 90% problems fixed same day (Repairs on windows and/or computer issues are fixed on the spot)
  • Servicing all of Victorian South East Regions
  • Looking to upgrade that Monitor? Printer? Etc… Call US before you pay full retail somewhere else!

We are always committed in giving our customers the most affordable, friendly and professional service.   Our prices are the most competitive on the market & with our optional “added value services”, you’ll always receive a better deal no matter what service you choose from us . Why? Because we want to differentiate ourselves from the rest & give YOU real added value services.  We believe a happy customer is more than likely to spread the good word of our business to their family and friends.

Terms and Conditions

xAt PC Value Services, we don’t physically fix faulty hardware nor can we fix third party software that may or may not be the cause of the issue. Our hourly fees cover troubleshooting and fixing within the time frame. If after troubleshooting, If the problem is specifically a hardware or software fault, we may recommend purchasing of replacement hardware, or removing the software that is causing the issue. Our fee’s are still applicable if the customer does not wish to pursue in attaining the new hardware, by purchasing through us or any other vendor.  When it comes to internet connection loses, speed.. This may be your internet provider.  Please make sure before booking us to talk to your Internet provider (IE: Telstra Bigpond) to find out if there’s an outage in your area (where there is internet connection problems).  If we can’t fix a problem where it is not a hardware, ISP outage or software fault, there is absolutely no charge to you. That’s guaranteed!

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